Truth speaker

Truth speaker

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What is it that you need to say? Is there something that you feel called to give voice to that hasn't yet come out in words?

These earrings hang like little pendulums near your throat chakra, effortlessly bringing it into alignment, and clearing you of any blockages that may keep you from speaking the truth or giving voice to something that needs to be said.

kyanite (blue) + pink tourmaline = realign and protect

lapis (dark blue) = release stress and take charge

chrysoprase (bright green) + aquamarine (pale blue) = manifestation, joy, courage

iolite (dusky purple/blue) = inner knowing and harmony

kyanite (blue) + aquamarine (pale blue) = remove barriers and have courage

Moonstone (white) = embodiment of divine feminine. Exercising power with grace.

tanzanite (purple) + aquamarine (pale blue) = spiritual growth + courage

labradorite (grey + flashes of color) = bringing light where there is darkness. Support in times of transition

sunstone + peach moonstone (sparkly gold/orange) = embodying joy and upliftment.

ruby + pink tourmaline = love and joy

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