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You are a divine being.

Sometimes in our physical experience we forget this – things seem out of balance or imperfect. They don't always fall into place in the order that we expect.

Our bodies, too. Sometimes we forget to recognize our beauty. That funny looking constellation of freckles is actually beautiful. Our fat bellies. Our sagging upper arms. Our scarred skin. The particular amount of melanin we have or don't have. The way our sex intersects with our gender in the physical world. These things that challenge us are often the secret favorites of the people who love us and see our bodies as they are – expressions of the divine.

It is often in hindsight (what a gift!) that we are able to see that everything is perfect. Everything is how it is supposed to be.

This piece is highly customizable! There are many different stone options, and the number of stones on the side can vary. it’s amazing as a gift for a mother in law who is growing her family through marriage, with the side stones representing her children + you. Just e-mail to create something custom!

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