The Gratitude Ring: Destiny

The Gratitude Ring: Destiny

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The Gratitude Ring: Destiny features five 1.5mm diamonds on a 2.5mm thick 14k gold band. According to Jungian numerology, five is the number of destiny. What is it that you’re destined for in this life? What will you embrace?

A diamond is a physical manifestation of pure white light. It aligns closely with the energy of our crown chakra. Diamonds support us in embracing the way of universal love, and of forming and maintaining relationships at an incredibly high vibration.

This ring is a variation on the Gratitude Ring. The Gratitude Ring is an invitation to ceremony. When you wear this ring, you are invited to the daily practice of acknowledging five things you are grateful for. Similar in a way to a mala or a rosary, this ring is an opportunity for an enriching regular practice of stillness and contentment.

Some things to note:

In between sizes are also available. Order the nearest size and leave a comment at checkout if you’d like a half or quarter size. Should you need a larger size, please reach out before ordering. Anything is possible!

14k White gold will be rhodium plated unless otherwise stated. If this is not desired, please contact in advance for adjusted price.

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