Solar eclipse

Solar eclipse

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During an eclipse, the moon passes in front of the sun, temporarily blacking it out. Historically, this has caused some pretty big disruption. Understandable, since in our lives full of change, the sun is one of the only constants! 

The soft lunar energy overpowers the bright solar, and serves as a reminder that in the dance of masculine and feminine energies, both can lead, and that it's not a game of domination. 


Moonstone + amethyst = embodiment of divine feminine energy + authentic power + love + protection 

Labradorite + amethyst = bringing light where there is darkness + support in times of transition + love + protection 

Sunstone + peach moonstone = embodying joy + raises vibration

Lapis = embodying personal power 

Apatite = being your truest self

Dendritic opal + dalmatian moonstone = gaining perspective and learning the lessons life presents you with

Turquoise + lapis = integrity and grounding

Chrysoprase + aventurine = removing barriers between you and what you want


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