The Rebirth Ring

The Rebirth Ring

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We are all born, and we all die. Those things are immutable.

Everything in between is change. When we are doing our work (both inner and outer), we are constantly ‘peeling the onion’, diving over and over again towards our core essence.

We are constantly changing, regardless of whether we consciously submit or resist it.

When we submit to change, and when we invite it in, we have the opportunity to birth ourselves anew over and over again in this lifetime.

Some things to note:

Choose your stone when you add the ring to your cart. A finite number of stones are listed and are on hand, but a near infinite number of stones are possible (though many options will have additional charge)

In between sizes are also available. Order the nearest size and leave a comment at checkout if you’d like a half or quarter size. Should you need a larger size, please reach out before ordering. Anything is possible!

Fine jewelry is made to order and can take up to a month to ship. Let us know if you need it sooner. If it’s possible to expedite your order, we’re happy to accommodate you.

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