Long Santosha - Contentment

Long Santosha - Contentment

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Santosha is the yogic principal of contentment. It is about cultivating the ability to accept (and feel satisfied) with our experience. 

It isn't to be confused with happiness, nor with lack of drive. 

It is all about allowing the present moment, and being at peace with it. 


These simple earrings sit in your lobes, and look like simple lines against your ear. They are a great as an alternative to a stud, and won't poke the area behind your ear. 

Shown with the short Santosha and with the All Day Hug in apatite.

A note about single earrings — when these earrings are made, they are made in pairs. If you are buying a single earring to replace one that was lost, please anticipate some variation in length.

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