Large Harmony

Large Harmony

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Just like the regular Harmony earrings, but larger. 

What does it feel like to be in total alignment with our purpose? What does it feel like to be in flow? 

It feels easy. 

When we are in harmony, we are in surrender to our path. And there are jewels and treasures all along that path. 

Available in the following stones:

Rose quartz -- Rose quartz is a powerful heart opener. It acts as a lens – when we are using the stone everything that comes to us is filtered through the lens of love, as well as everything that comes from us. It helps to develop a deeper understanding of love.

Tourmilated quartz -- black tourmaline is super protective. It creates a shield around us or around our homes to protect from negative energy. It promotes positivity and helps to keep our thoughts clear. Strands of black tourmaline are suspended in quartz, amplifying their energies, and sending them outwards, encasing you in a powerful little bubble of protection. 


Carnelian -- Carnelian is a stone for grounding and deepening your understanding of your path in life. It helps you to transmute residual energy from negative conditioning and abuse, and helps you to trust yourself and your own intuition. It stimulates creativity and motivation, giving clarity to your purpose.

Amethyst -- Amethyst turns all energy that comes your way into love, and creates a protective shield around you. 



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