Highest Self

Highest Self

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The Highest Self necklace is all about helping you get where you are going, and giving you subtle encouragement along the way.

Labradorite helps you to bring light where there is darkness, and supports you during times of transition. Aquamarine brings courage. This necklace is for the courage to transition to something new, and the courage to bring the light with you where ever you go. 

Moonstone is for fully embodying your own divine feminine, and exercising your power in a way that is deeply authentic to you. Blue lace agate helps you to find your voice and speak truth to power. 

Sunstone captures the energy of the sun within its clear sparkle. Sunstone is a stone of joy and warmth, strength and benevolence. It helps us to stay in our own power and lends us clarity. It is said to bring luck, and helps you to be your happiest, sunniest self. 


The necklace is a double layer necklace, with three tiny stones on the top layer that sit offset to one side, and one main stone (still pretty tiny!) on the bottom layer. The top layer sits at choker length for most people (14 inch with extension to 16 inch), and can be made longer at request. The bottom layer is 16 inches with an extension to 18, and likewise, can be longer at request. 

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