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What does it feel like to be in total alignment with our purpose? What does it feel like to be in flow? 

It feels easy. 

When we are in harmony, we are in surrender to our path. And there are jewels and treasures all along that path. 


Bloodstone (dark green/brown/flecks of red) 

Bloodstone helps to strengthen the body and regain personal power and vitality. It helps you to gain clarity and to adjust to new things. It also encourages flexibility, as well as the ability to avoid dangerous situations.


Rose quartz (pink)

Rose quartz is a powerful heart opener. It acts as a lens – when we are using the stone everything that comes to us is filtered through the lens of love, as well as everything that comes from us. It helps to develop a deeper understanding of love.


Fluorite (sea-glass green to purple) 

Fluorite is very protective stone. It protects us from negative outside influences and stress. It stimulates intellect also to improve focus and avoid patterns that create disorganization


Smoky quartz (brown)

Smoky quartz grounds us and transmutes any negative or diseased energy. It is deeply purifying and helps us to release anything that does not serve us. It helps to alleviate fear and instill courage and tranquility.

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