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Sometimes we hide away our highest gifts. 

Maybe we're afraid that we will use them up, or maybe that we're unworthy of their specialness. 

But here's some good news - this isn't even a tiny bit true! 

We are divine beings and we have the gifts that we have (whether that's the ability to organize a house, or negotiate a diplomatic treatise) because we are supposed to use them! We have work to do, and these gifts are the perfect tools of that work. We are the most worthy! And the more that we use these gifts, the more gifts that we'll have! 

These earrings are made with Herkimer diamonds, which are an extra special variety of clear quartz. They are supremely powerful. They clean our energies and help us come back into alignment, and they clear our lenses of perception, allowing us to access other ways of knowing and get greater clarity in our lives. 

Wear these earrings to remind yourself to use your gifts freely and know that your gifts make the world a better place

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