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Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the knowledge that there is something more important than fear. 

Sometimes our path takes us through the fire, and it takes tremendous courage to not freeze in fear. 

These earrings are made as a tiny encouragement, whether you're walking through the fire, or celebrating being on the other side of it. 


Ruby (red) 

Ruby balances the heart and stimulates energy. It prepares us to transmute energies that do not serve us.


Chrysoprase (green)

Chrysoprase is a stone for calling in all of the best things. It soothes anxiety and puts you in alignment to receive abundance, prosperity, joy, and love. It reminds you that you are part of the divine whole.


Morganite (clear to pale pink) 

Morganite is the ultimate love stone. It aligns us with unconditional love. It gently opens our hearts and helps us to clear out old wounds, and then attract and maintain love. It also helps us to connect with wisdom of our guides.

Sunstone (sparkly gold/orange)

Sunstone helps you to embody joy and make the most of this lifetime. 

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