Have you ever found yourself with a pocket full of stones? Maybe they were stones you picked out of the surf on a visit to the beach, wanting to have a piece of beautiful, tangible treasure to remind you of the intangible magic of that moment. Or maybe they were semi precious stones that you came across and felt an instant connection with. Or maybe it was a stone you were given by someone who cares for you. 

Everything has an energetic vibration, and stones have vibrations that draw many of us in. Different stones have different gifts to offer us. Rose quartz has the vibration of love, heart opening, and healing. Black tourmaline is like a shield, protecting us and keeping negativity at bay. Lapis lazuli helps you to go inward to connect with the divine and to reconnect with your personal power. These pieces are designed not only to be beautiful, but to allow you to carry the magic of stones with you where ever you go, without having your pockets weighed down. 

Each piece is made by hand, infused with intention, and is created with the hope that it becomes personally meaningful for you.