Heart Centered - Personal Power

Heart Centered - Personal Power

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Your heart is a powerful muscle. It literally pumps life through your body. On a more spiritual level, it is the center of love, which for many of us, is a leading force in our lives. This necklace is designed to center you in love, and help you to share your love and light with the world.

Quartz crystals are master healers. Like a magic wand, quartz points concentrate and project the energy of the stone. Double terminated quartz does double duty in this regard. They transmute negative energies, and amplify the energy of the wearer and of other stones. This means that even small stones in the necklace or on the wearer (in another piece of jewelry or in your pocket) will be amplified and stronger. 

Lapis is a stone for stepping into our most powerful selves. The five segments of lapis on this necklace correspond in Jungian numerology to destiny. 

You contain this AMAZING personal power within you because it is your destiny. It is NO ACCIDENT. You are meant to use it. 


Thanks to the beautiful Karla Mejia for the photo of her wearing her 36 inch long necklace in silver. 

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