What does it mean to be prepared to receive what you ask for? 
What are you asking for, anyway? 

Right now is a VERY good time to get clear on that, and prepare yourself to RECEIVE what you want!

NOW is the time to dream up juicy, beautiful, WILD dreams, and prepare yourself for them to come into being.

Are you ready for your dreams to come true?
It is time to get ready. 
What do you need to do to prepare yourself?

So even if you're not a woo-woo spiritual person and don't normally follow astrology stuff, you probably have heard about the upcoming solar eclipse (if you haven't, it's coming up on August 21). 


There is a lot going on cosmically right now. Today is the full moon, which is a great time to release old energies and patterns that are holding us back. The 21st is the new moon AND the solar eclipse. The new moon is a time for setting intentions for what is new. This one is particularly powerful. Between it's energy and the energy of the eclipse, it will help you to set your dreams into motion, if you so choose. 


What do you want to see manifest in the world?


If you don't have an answer right now, that's ok. It is time now to think of one. You don't have to know everything that you want right now. You can order up more, or something different, later on. But what do you want FIRST?

Try this: 

Set a timer for ten minutes (or five, if that feels more appropriate for you) and make a brainstorm list of your dreams for your life. Nothing is wrong, just let it free flow (you can add/remove later on!)

When your timer goes off, stop, and reflect on your list.

What has the most energy around it?
What feels juicy for you?
Is there anything that feels really, really alive? 

If there is, then YES, you have what you're calling in. If there isn't, repeat this exercise a few days later, and see what you come up with. Keep doing it until some clarity appears (even if you have NO IDEA how that dream would ever happen. The how isn't important at all). 


Once you know what you're calling in, write it down. Keep it with you, or visible to you. Bring it to mind often, and try the meditation below, holding it in mind.

Since there is so much magic this month related to the moon, I'm offering a free wand of selenite with the online purchase of any moonstone item in my shop through the end of the month. 

Selenite is a stone of alignment, clarity, opening, and purification. It is incapable of holding negative energy, and aligns and clears our chakras, as well as cleans and resets the energy of stones that we work with. Moonstone aligns us with our divine feminine energy, and helps us to exercise our power in a feminine way that is authentic to us. 


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Photo by Bronwyn Huddleson  @bronwyn_photog . Model is Sophie Hobson @ soph_a . Healing hands and aromatherapy roll on by Julie Quinn  @quinntessentials

Photo by Bronwyn Huddleson @bronwyn_photog. Model is Sophie Hobson @soph_a. Healing hands and aromatherapy roll on by Julie Quinn @quinntessentials

Moon magic meditation 

Write down what you are calling in in the most simple terms. Find yourself in a comfortable position, either seated or laying down, with your written intention either in front of you, or nearby. If you have a piece of selenite, keep it in your hand or in your space while you do this exercise. 


Close your eyes, and envision white, moon-like light coming from your selenite wand or your hand. This light purifies and illuminates everything it touches. 

Envision passing that light over your body, lighting you up, and revealing you as the light-being you are. Envision passing that light over the space in which you are doing your meditation. See the light growing over the building that you are in. Imagine it touching and enveloping anything and everyone that it touches.

Through your meditation, you are bringing light to people who don't even know it. Paint your light over people who you know who need it. Your unpleasant co-worker. Your challenging family member. Your annoying neighbor. See them cloaked in this divine light. The same kind of light that new born babies have. See them glowing. 

Now bring into your minds eye what you are calling in. Really see it as real and tangible in the world. Paint the whole scene with light. Everything you can see, is bright and shining. Luminous and glowing with positive energy. When this vision comes into being, it will bring light in the world.

Your vision for this is a blessing in this world. It is a gift. 


Really take your time with this. See all of it clearly. Let your heart pulse with love when you create your vision. Let yourself really feel it. 

When you are ready, put both hands over your heart, and repeat three times “I love myself unconditionally. I am prepared to receive what I have called in” 


Repeat this mantra daily, and this meditation as often as feels good to you. 


It is time for your dreams to become a reality.