Shibori + Indigo Workshop

November 11, 2017 Shibori + Indigo workshop

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Shibori + indigo workshop

The dark blue and bright white of indigo is appealing to people around the world. For hundreds, if not thousands of years, people have been using the indigo plant to give an amazing blue color to objects in their lives. 

Shibori is a technique for binding fabric so that some areas are dyed and other areas are kept the original color. 

During this workshop you'll learn some simple shibori techniques, and get to dye your pieces (two provided tea towels + a few items that you bring, if you choose) to see what comes out. This is an experimentation! You get to experiment with dyeing without having to make a giant mess in your house and accidentally smear dye on your favorite chair, AND you'll come away with something really cool! 


Workshop specifics

When: Saturday, October 21, 10-1

Where: Central San Diego. Location sent to confirmed attendees. Location is outside. Dress accordingly! 

What's included: Indigo dye vat. Gloves. Two white cotton tea towels. Some rubber bands. Some clamps. Thread. A bag to bring your project home with you. 

What you might want to bring: Snacks for yourself or to share. Water. Extra rubber bands/cording/things to bind with (look at youtube videos and get inspired!). Appropriate clothes/shoes for the event and for the weather. Additional pieces of fabric to dye. 

About those additional pieces of fabric: We will prioritize the main project fabric before the extra pieces, but should have plenty of dye! Dye will work best on pieces that are made of natural fabrics and have been washed at least once to remove fabric starch. Pieces don't have to be white (but if you were to wash them, they shouldn't bleed)! Maybe you want to dye something with a texture or a print! Ya know that white on white printed calico? Indigo looks AWESOME on that! 

Additional notes: You'll need to wash your pieces when you get home. Ideally, you'll want to do this with a bunch of vinegar which will help set the dye. This is a rain or shine workshop, and no refunds are available.