Hi Renegade

Thanks for considering my business to be part of your upcoming shows. I think my work will be a great match, and I hope that you agree. I've sold really well at the events that I've vended at, and judging by Renegade's reputation, and the look of other products that will be there, I expect similar success. 

Can't wait to meet you, and all of the other fun and creative people who will be there! 

Scroll down for images of my booth, and images of my work. 

Some descriptors about my booth:

  • I raise up my table 
  • I vary height of my props
  • I use different textures -- currently marble, wood, and sand (I've replaced a lot of the dark stained wood with marble) 
  • I use a lot of natural stones to accent my work
  • I display work at all price levels together. I want my clients to feel like they are treating themselves to something special whether they are spending $20 or $200! 

I use natural, semi precious stones with high vibrations from reputable sellers + high quality metals (silver, gold fill, rose gold fill).