First Dibs

Hello amazing friends! 

On Saturday, November 12, 2016 we will be having a first dibs show at Jen's (Locality SD) house in La Mesa from 6:30-9:30 p.m.. The idea of this show is to have a collectively organized gathering that we invite our existing customers and followers to come and get a first look at the work we've prepared for the holiday season. 

We want to make them feel super special!

There will be appetizers and drinks and a latin jazz band and sparkling strings of lights and we'll be outside. Basically, it'll be the kind of party that they always want to get invited to.  

This is a collectively created event. That means that we're not making any money off of it. But that also means that you'll need to contribute so that it can be amazing (and, ya know, possible). 

Participating vendors will need to contribute in the following ways: 

  • Bring your own 6ft by 3ft table and set up your own stuff (duh). We'll be kind of tight, so that's really all the space you've got! If you have some other kind of configuration, let us know and we'll try to swing it. 
  • $15 to pay the band (we figure that since we'll be profiting, that they should get something out of it, too. Jen pulled some strings and they are giving us a super great rate!)
  • $15 to contribute to the booze fund and help to pay for paper products 
  • bring a yummy appetizer (ideally something that you've made and makes people feel fancy eating it) 
  • Take part in hosting duties. That means some set up, hosting during (refilling the drinks station, making sure that the food still looks good, making sure that no one is doing anything crazy inside the house. Ya know, whatever you'd do if the party was at your house.) And of course, clean up. We will hash this out closer to the date. 
  • Put the word out to your followers through e-mail, social media, and word of mouth. Personal invites work best! This is only being advertised through our own networks! 
  • Post some cross-promotional stuff on your social media so that people get an idea of what all will be at the event, and hopefully my followers become your followers, and vice versa (we're thinking that we'll be putting out digital fliers with images of raffle items) 

We're also thinking that we'd like to do some raffling to get people excited about the event. Would you be open to donating a piece to be raffled off? This might happen before the event (social media give away style) or at the event. We're hoping that this can be a great vehicle for some cross promotion, and that by doing this all together, that we all get more people who are fans of our businesses and excited to support all of us! 

So now that you're super stoked to participate, here's what you need to do! 

  • E-mail Kassi at and say that you're in! Include your business name, what you sell, links to your website and social media, and what you'd like to donate to the raffle and ideally, a photo of it (it's not mandatory to contribute to the raffle, but we would really like to incentivize people in this way, and will help your fellow makers cross promote you! It doesn't have to be something expensive!)
  • Send $30 to Jen via PayPal for the overhead expenses (booze, band, and paper goods) at Be sure to send this as a friend transaction so that there aren't any charges! 


We can't wait for this show!! Hope you're excited, too! 


Kassi and Jen