Let's get together. 

My personal mission is to help people to raise their vibration and get to the next level on their journey. 

Making jewelry with powerful stones is just one way that bring that passion to life in the world. 

For the last decade I have been facilitating transformational experiences to help people get to the next level. Over the years, that's taken many forms -- from coaching entrepreneurs, to facilitating talking circles for artists, to trauma healing groups, to court mediation and (much, much) more. 

The Creative Entrepreneurs Mastermind.

I believe in getting together and creating synergy. This is exactly what mastermind groups do -- you come with a challenge happening in your business (maybe you want to figure out how to find out about shows, how to organize yourself to be prepared for taxes, or how to master social media), and your peers help you to find new ways to address it. Then you help them, too. it's basically short term peer coaching that connects you with the brilliance of people who have been in your shoes before, and who have diverse experiences and new ways of seeing things. 

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