Meditative visualization for bringing light to the world. 

(A piece of selenite can be helpful during this meditation, but it is not necessary. If you do not have selenite or another crystal you'd like to use, just envision pure white light in it's place)

Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Allow your body to relax, and adjust your positioning as necessary. Hold your selenite in your hand and just breathe for several minutes. Notice your breath. Is it shallow? Deep? Allow it to be as it is, relaxing into it. When you are ready, imagine your wand of selenite being made of light. Each time you breathe in, watch the circle of light grow bigger. First it envelops your hand, then your arm, then your body. Then it fills the room, then the building, and so on. Imagine this light cloaking everyone and everything it comes into contact with with love, and illuminating their path forward. Grow your light to cover the whole Earth.


Next, think of a situation in the near future that may be causing you anxiety or challenging you, and bring your light there. Imagine your selenite as a big eraser, leaving only bright, pure light in it's path, erasing any negative energy, and blessing everyone who it touches. Imagine the person in your life who challenges you the most, and envision the selenite passing over their body, making them glow with beautiful light, and bringing them into alignment with the highest good.


Continue this process as you feel serves you. You can pass this light over any person or situation, future, present, or past. In so doing, you bring more light to the whole world.